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On a typical Saturday afternoon at Lakewood Park, kids are playing on the ball field, at the swing set area and parents are at the clubhouse taking dancing lessons. There are several people at the boat house getting ready to go kayaking. We have a small charter plane having engine problems right after take-off. They have lost control of the plane and crash at the back of the park near the second baseball field. We have 20 passengers with 2 pilots and 1 flight attendant on board.


Injuries include:

• People on the plane
• Kids on the ball field and people in the bleachers
• People in cars
• Kids on the swing set area
• Parent/adults at the bldg/clubhouse

First Responders and CERT members are activated to respond to the area.


A command tent was set up and the arriving CERT members were divided into groups to respond to this tragic event. The “plane”, simulated by a school bus had broken into sections and some of the passengers and crew were ejected. In addition parts of the plane were scattered in many directions which resulted in injuries to the people on the ground.



An Amateur Radio Group with search dogs began looking for victims over a wide area of the park. Cert members put out several fires caused by the crash. Then they entered the “plane” to look for survivors and treat the injured.   




Patient assessment was made and the most serious survivors were removed from the plane and taken to a treatment area. Some were lifted into vans and ATVs which were used to transport the medically stabilized individuals to the hospital.




Less serious people were treated at the scene. One little girl repeatedly checked on her brother just to make sure he was O.K.




A search for additional victims that may have been ejected some distance from the crash site was undertaken. One incoherent young adult was found near the shore of the river in deep brush suffering from a head injury.




The number of injured includes 20 passengers plus the flight crew on the plane, plus those who were in the park, or boating on the nearby river.




Victims were assembled at a triage station, and treated according to severity of injury. Some people were not badly injured and offered information about who they knew that was on the plane, and seating location.




CERT members interview, evaluate the condition and attempt to identify individuals.




Norfolk citizens who have been CERT trained are shown putting their knowledge to use.




The Command Tent coordinates use of resources and personnel and maintains constant communication in order to use them most effectively.




Norfolk Fire and Rescue Engine Company 11 stands ready to control fires, assist in treatment and transport to local hospitals.