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January 2018


Norfolk International Airport Police


The guest speaker for January 16, 2018 was Jayward Hanna , Chief of Police at the Norfolk International Airport . Chief Hanna became Chief of Police at the airport eight years ago, after having served for 31 years on the Norfolk Police Department, rising to the position of Assistant Chief. The Norfolk Airport Authority owns the airport, which sits on 750 acres of land. Portions of the airport are in Norfolk, and portions are in Virginia Beach. However, the Norfolk International Airport Police Department is a separate entity from local departments. The Airport Authority, which consists of a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Norfolk City Council for a two year term, governs the operations of the airport.

The Norfolk International Airport Police force consists of both sworn officers and non-sworn employees who provide protection at the airport 24 hours a day 365 days per year. Police dogs trained to detect explosives are utilized and are a very valuable detection asset. The primary goal of the Norfolk Airport Police is to assure safety and security for the traveling public and the airline personnel, and to deter terrorist activities. No one is allowed to enter the airport with a weapon and to do so is a serious crime.







December 2017


NPD Homeland Security


The Homeland Security Division of the Norfolk Police Department was the guest presenter for the December 19th meeting. Captain J. Shuey, who heads up Homeland Security, and the Lieutenants who are in charge of each of the five units within the division described their specific duties, equipment used, and the rigorous training that is required to be a part of this division. The units are: SOT also known as SWAT team, Bomb Squad, K-9 Unit, Traffic, and Harbor Patrol. All of these officers are highly qualified and proficient with a variety of weapons; they handle violent types of crime such as an active shooter, hostage negotiations and also security for special events such as parades and harbor safety including escorting incoming and outgoing vessels. In addition, they provide a large amount of training to other departments in Norfolk and surrounding cities . The citizens of Norfolk are fortunate to have such well trained personnel to assist and protect us on land, and both on and under the water.








November 2017


Community Affairs Section, NPD


On Tuesday, November 21, 2017 our Guest Speakers, Officers Rodriguez and Dozier of the Community Affairs Section, NPD, spoke to the membership about Holiday Safety and things we could do that would protect us during the upcoming holidays. The top crimes during those times are identity theft, credit card fraud, burglary and larceny. Shopping can be made safer by our being alert and aware of the scene, by not leaving vehicles running and unattended for any reason, go shopping during the day if possible, and hide your packages from plain view, and keep your car locked. Check bank and credit cards accounts statement for unauthorized purchases and report such purchases to the bank immediately. Tighten security at home! It may be wise to look into alarm systems that are adequate and can fit into your budget. Make sure your windows and doors are locked when you are away from home. Consider automatic timed lights that will turn on when you are away. Thanks to Officers Dozier and Rodriguez and the Community Affairs Office for the good advice and many tips we can follow to protect ourselves during the season and throughout the year.








October 2017


Matt Ripley, President of Norfolk Crime Line


The October guest speaker was Matt Ripley, President of Norfolk Crime Line. The Norfolk Crime Line Program began in 1981 due to the efforts of then Norfolk Police Chief Charles Grant and a few dedicated and concerned citizens. The goal of the organization is to raise money and fight crime using an anonymous tip system of phone calls, web tips, and text the tips. These various forms of generating leads help law enforcement to apprehend the criminals and get them off our streets. The several ways for donors to give tips will hopefully encourage citizens to provide information to solve crimes without fear of retaliation since they remain unknown.

There are three ways to contact Norfolk Crime Line  with your tip:

CALL: 1-888-LOCK-U-UP (1-888-562-5887)


WEB TIP: www.norfolkcrimeline.com 


Many Thanks to Matt Ripley for sharing the history and mission of Norfolk Crime Line, and sharing the success stories.  It is always helpful to know how citizens can assist in keeping our community safe.




September 2017


Deputy Chief Joseph Clark


The guest speaker for September was Deputy Chief Joseph Clark. He began his career with the Norfolk Police Department in 1986 and was appointed Deputy Chief in January 2017. During his tenure he held a variety of assignments in patrol, special enforcement, and investigations. He served as the Commanding Officer of the Third Patrol Division and the Training Division prior to being promoted to the rank of Assistant Chief in 2012 where he led the Investigative Services Bureau. Deputy Chief Clark holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from Saint Leo University and a Master of Science in Education from Old Dominion University. Chief Clark spoke of the various activities that are being done for community outreach such as partnering with the Boys and Girls Clubs, the haircut event for back to school youth, and a program called How Do You Get That Perception? the purpose of which is giving voice, respect, neutrality and understanding to others. A recently activated project is Restorative Justice, which gives second chances to juveniles. If a juvenile does a crime he or she will be given the choice to participate in the program or go to Juvenile Detention Center. If they choose the second chance program they will not be arrested; they will receive guidance through a counselor and get help on how to make better choices and to understand the consequences of their actions. Many thanks to Deputy Chief Joseph Clark for his very interesting presentation , and in particular for administering the Oath of Office to the recently elected CPAAAN Officers for the 2017-2019 term.






Public Information Office


Officer Daniel Hudson, the NPD Public Information Officer spoke to the CPAAAN members at our general meeting 05/16/17. He described the many ways that the citizens of Norfolk are kept informed of the affairs of our Police Department. Newsworthy stories are emailed, phoned or texted to TV stations, Facebook (for good news stories), Twitter (for breaking news and Facebook feed), Newsflash page on Norfolk.gov/police (text feed application available). NextDoor.com, a private neighborhood specific network was recommended by Officer Hudson as a good way for citizens to communicate with their neighbors and inform their Community Resource Officers of suspicious activities around their homes.







Norfolk Sheriff's Office


City of Norfolk Sheriff Joe Baron was the guest speaker on March 21, 2017. A Norfolk native, Joe Baron is a 31-year veteran law enforcement officer, having retired as a Lieutenant from the Norfolk Police Department after 26 yrs. of service. He then joined the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office where he rose to the rank of Chief Deputy. As chief deputy, by law he became Interim Sheriff when Sheriff McCabe retired. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office provides multiple programs inside the jail. Inmates are offered a 36 class Re-entry Program designed to facilitate good practices upon re-entry into society. Educational jail programs on topics such as substance abuse, personal finance and Fatherhood are offered; there is help for inmates who want to earn their General Education Diplomas. Nonviolent offenders can volunteer to join the Inmate Workforce and receive time off their sentence per month. Those who demonstrate a good work ethic are allowed to participate in the work release program. Participating employers pay normal wages which are deposited into the prisoner’s account and used to pay personal bills such as court costs and home utility bills.

New prisoners are evaluated by an Objective Classification System which is used nationwide to properly place them within the jail. Prisoners are screened within 72 hours of incarceration by a member of the Community Services Board to determine special issues that need to be addressed.





Office of Community Affairs


MPO Roger Whitley of the Office of Community Affairs was the CPAAAN Guest Speaker on February 21, 2017. The topic was Personal Safety and Awareness, which is very important to every citizen. Importantly, a large number of arrests are the direct result of a citizen's phone call. Officer Whitley spoke about several programs that offer citizens the opportunity to partner with law enforcement in identifying suspicious situations. Among these are: Neighborhood Watch, Dog Walker Watch, Business Watch, and Suspect Identification Profile, which is citizen provided information that will assist law enforcement in identifying persons and includes a description of inalterable physical traits such as height, weight, and features such as scars. Call 664-7938 to make a report or to request an officer come to you to obtain the information; one can also file an online report.






Utilities Department Administrator


The Guest Speaker for the January 2017 general meeting was Harry Kenyon, Management Services Administrator for Norfolk Department of Utilities. It was interesting to learn that Norfolk provides quality drinking water to approximately one million customers In Norfolk and surrounding cities and also the U. S. Navy. There are more than 900 miles of pipes that transport drinking water to homes, businesses and fire hydrants. There is an ongoing project to maintain and upgrade all of the water and wastewater infrastructure. Importantly, Norfolk drinking water is tested regularly to assure that our water is pure and of the highest quality. Norfolk tap water has been recognized as among the best in the nation. For information and customer service call 664-6700 regarding bills, making bill adjustments or establishing or terminating service. l In the event of any water service emergency there is a 24 hour emergency number which is 757-823-1000.







New Chief Introduction


The guest speaker for the December general meeting and Christmas Social was Norfolk Chief of Police Larry Boone. Prior to joining the Norfolk Police Department, Chief Boone attended Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia on a scholarship where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later earned a Masters of Public Administration from Old Dominion University. His successful law enforcement career with the Norfolk Police Department began in 1989. He quickly rose to the rank of Deputy Chief, then becoming Chief of Police on December 1, 2016. Chief Boone believes in authentic community relations and exceptional customer service. His priorities are safety for the citizens and visitors of Norfolk, and for the men and women in uniform. In addition, future programs would include obtaining the resources to deal with gun issues, and forming an advisory board that would include civic league members. CPAAAN members thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and the lengthy Question and Answer period that followed.






Emergency Management


  Scott Mahone, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator was the Guest Speaker for November 15, 2016. The Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response consists of two divisions, the E-911 Communications and Emergency Management.

The Emergency Management division coordinates the preparation, response, and recovery and communications during a large scale emergency and natural or man made disaster. It also conducts educational classes for training in all required areas. The City of Norfolk has launched a STORM Mobile App that is to be used only during severe weather situation. Residents can provide input report storm damage or other situations in their neighborhood. Visit this link to find out more: http://www.norfolk.gov/index.aspx?NID=3523.

The E-911 division handles both emergency and non-emergency 911 calls, with emergency calls given priority. The caller should try to be calm and as patient as possible; do not hang up. This will help both the call taker and the party needing attention. All calls are recorded for accuracy; information is requested so that proper resources can be dispatched. Calling from your cell phone will not give your specific location, only a general area where the cell tower is located. If there are young children in the home, make sure they know their address and teach them how to make a 911 call.







Norfolk Police Department Chaplain



Chaplain Terry Haddock, a Norfolk Police Chaplain and CPAAAN member, was the guest speaker at the October 2016 general meeting. From an early age she had the desire to study her faith and to become an ordained minister. She enjoys ministering to people, in particular visiting inmates in the local jails. Terry was asked to join the Norfolk Police Department Chaplains by Senior Chaplain Briggs. At this time Terry is the only female chaplain. All Chaplains must be ordained and have had sufficient training, experience and evaluation to assure that they are well suited to this very important role.
The NPD Chaplains are a diverse group of 13 who represent different faiths, but share a common purpose of consoling and comforting our citizens when they suffer injury, hardship or the loss of a loved one. Among their many responsibilities are visiting officers and their families in the hospital, counselling officers, citizens, and family members, and conducting funerals and memorial services. __________________________________________________________






Community Affairs Division Officers Use Sports to Reduce Crime



Officer Valdez (R) from the Community Affairs Division, formerly the Crime Prevention Division, were our speakers at the CPAAAN general meeting in September. They explained that their Division’s name change was more than symbolic. In order to reduce crime and improve behavior of “at risk” children Norfolk Police Officers needed to dispel the negative image these kids have of law enforcement. Both Officer S. Nellum, with his vast experience as a Community Resource Officer in the Berkley/Campostella area, and Officer J.Valdez with ties to the Hispanic Community were able to utilize sports to establish a closer, approachable relationship. As an example, they obtained permission from the Booker T. Washington principal to make the gym facility available after school hours and during school breaks. Officer Valdez met with the Hispanic community and extended an invitation to their youth to participate in the various outreach programs such as soccer. Together they are using athletics, kindness and positive activities to enhance the image of their chosen profession, to interact with youth, and hopefully to prevent crime.







Commissioner of the Revenue Evans Poston



Mr. Evans Poston, Commissioner of the Revenue for Norfolk, spoke to the CPAAAN membership about the services his office provides, and the money saving innovations he has initiated since entering office, Jan. 1st 2014, such as outsourcing boat assessment, reassigning parking permits to the Parking Department, adding an ADA station. His office provides state income tax assistance for free. Meal tax e-payments have been instituted to assist restaurant owners. His employees audit each new business after three years to determine if the proper taxes have been paid, sometimes returning overpayments.









CIT Training Lieutenant Wayne Handley



The young man wielding a large kitchen knife menacingly has Schizophrenia, a serious mental illness that interferes with his ability to think clearly, manage his emotions, make decisions and relate to others. His family has seen this behavior before. This time however, they are unable to calm him down and fear he will injure himself or others so they call 911 for help.
Fortunately, the responding NPD officers had received CIT (Crisis Intervention Team Training), a program developed in July 2014 by then Sgt. Wayne Handley at the direction of Chief Michael Goldsmith. This 40 hour training course is a two part intervention program utilizing the NPD officers and the CSB (Community Service Board) to deactivate and provide a path to gain treatment and defuse individuals having a mental crisis.
The CPAAAN members were treated to a riveting, fascinating 70 minute presentation outlining the program and its benefits by Lt. Handley at our March 2016 general meeting.






Detective A.E. Clark Speaks on Forensics



  Detective A. E. Clark, NPD Forensic Investigator was the guest speaker at our January general meeting. Officer Clark spoke on forensic procedures involving the investigation of homicides, traffic fatalities, robberies, burglaries and arson. It is essential that the integrity of the crime scene be maintained so that nothing is added to or removed from the scene inadvertently. The Norfolk Police Department Forensic Sciences Unit has 11 Investigators and 3 latent print examiners. Forensic investigative tools may include one or more procedures, such as photographs, swabs, lab samples, diagrams, grid searches, products retrieved from garbage containers, residue samples, temperature readings, handprints and footprints. Homicide investigations are the top priority and evidence obtained is turned over to Division Detectives for processing. When an autopsy is required it is done in one of the four district offices in Virginia’s Medical Examiner system. DD----------------------------------------------------------






Officer J.A. McCarthy speaks about Holiday Safety


  Officer Joe McCarthy, a member of the NPD Crime Prevention Unit, provided sensible Holiday Safety Tips at our December meeting. The Tips are useful year round and apply to all, especially women and the elderly, because they are the most vulnerable. Avoid carrying excessive cash by using a credit card protected by an Aluminum RFID Blocking Credit Card Case. Avoid shopping alone or at night. Secure your car windows, keep doors locked and don’t leave packages or valuables on the seat. If you must shop at night, park in well-lighted areas away from vans, trucks with camper shells or cars with tinted windows. Have your keys handy before approaching your car. Always be aware of your surroundings and don’t approach your car if there are suspicious people around.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA






Captain Huffman Speaks to CPAAAN

   Captain David Huffman (L), a 27 year veteran on the NPD was the guest speaker for November on the topic of Active Shooter. He had recently been Commanding Officer of the Homeland Security Division and is now in the Strategic Management Division. Capt. Huffman was accompanied by two investigators from the SWAT or Special Operations Team to demonstrate the equipment used for their protection and when engaging an active shooter. The NPD regularly partners with multiple federal, state and local law enforcement departments and the Norfolk Fire Department to train and perform joint exercises. In addition, they educate citizens on an appropriate response should they find themselves in an active shooter setting. Homeland Security is responsible for maintaining safety in shopping malls, schools, theaters, during parades and when escorting visiting dignitaries both in Norfolk and on the Naval Base. The presentation was followed by many great questions from the CPAAAN members. The hour long presentation was packed with information gathered from bombings and terrorist activities that occur much too often in the world today.



Michelle Morgan, Life Safety Educator Speaks to CPAAAN

   Michelle Morgan, Life Safety Educator with the Norfolk Fire Department Office of Public Affairs was the Guest Speaker at the October 20, 2015 general meeting.  Ms. Morgan spoke about fires that can happen in our homes, and the steps we can take to increase our chances of safety.  All  residents within the city of Norfolk should have a working smoke alarm in their home to notify them immediately of smoke or fire in their home.  If the home does not have a smoke alarm or the existing alarm is more than 10 years old, call 441- 1055 or 664-6616 to request a free smoke alarm to be installed.  Fire extinguishers are very  highly recommended, preferably those with an ABC rating.  This rating refers to the type of fires that extinguisher should be able to put out which includes paper, wood, cloth grease, oil, petroleum, or electrical.  It is very important to devise an escape plan, and practice it with regards to accessibility and heights.  Ms. Morgan gave us a demonstration in how to use a fire extinguisher correctly, and then provided a demonstration that gave members the opportunity to  put out a fire!







The 2015-2016 year was kicked off on September 15, 2015 with NPD Chief Michael Goldsmith as the guest speaker. It was a very informative meeting with many topics discussed and questions asked and answered. Of particular interest to the members was to learn about the body camera worn by some police officers. Currently there are 300 cameras in place, with a goal to purchase an additional 200-250 in the future. Using cameras provides an unbiased view of an event. Coincidentally complaints are down. Chief Goldsmith spoke of the Community Outreach and Engagement efforts being made in multiple ways. As an example, 41 police officers currently serve as reading mentors in Norfolk City Title 1 schools. This has helped both the children and the police officers to understand each other better, and to improve literacy. The Fair and Impartial Policing project has gathered community stakeholders and police officers to discuss recruiting, diversity and policies that are fair to all. In addition, the NPD is working on implementing the recommendations of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing which were developed to enhance public safety while building trust. Followed his presentation Chief Goldsmith administered the oaths of office to the CPAAAN officers elected for the 2015-2017 term.
See Photos







  The guest speaker for April, Officer Courtney Smith spoke about a highly effective approach in law enforcement, Community Policing. The goal of Community Policing is to develop partnerships within a community and to find ways to solve the problems that exist in a given area.

When Community Resource Officers and the residents get to know each other and work as a team, neighborhoods will benefit. Citizens can become engaged and motivated to help their communities beginning in small ways, such as cleaning up the unsightly trash and fixing broken windows.

Officer Smith and the other Community Resource Officers (CROs) in Norfolk attend your civic league meetings; they will provide a phone number to contact them when needed (links below). Express your concerns to them and offer your assistance by helping them understand the dynamics in your part of this great city. They want to partner with the community and give Norfolk citizens a safe and secure place to live and work.

Green Sector (1st Patrol) Community Resource Officers
Blue Sector (2st Patrol) Community Resource Officers
Red Sector (3rd Patrol) Community Resource Officers






  City of Norfolk Sheriff Robert J. McCabe was the guest speaker at the March 2015 general meeting. A Norfolk native, Sheriff McCabe served in the military and on the Norfolk Police Department and attended college before becoming the Sheriff 21 years ago. The Sheriff’s Office is very much involved in public service and in helping the community members of all ages through its Senior Watch program as well youth programs such as a five week summer camp for children aged 10-14. It was very interesting to learn about the active inmate work force program, one of the first in the region. Non-violent offenders can work to pay off their fines and also save about $2 million in labor costs for the city. Qualified offenders also have the opportunity to work toward obtaining their GED while in jail and learn basic skills such as handling their finances. The Norfolk City Jail is a very busy place, with an average daily population over 1300 inmates. On average 4,500 meals are served per day 365 days a year. The NSO is staffed by approximately 500 sworn and civilian personnel and Deputy Recruits.







  The guest speaker for January 20, 2015 was Jayward Hanna, Chief of Police at the Norfolk International Airport. Chief Hanna became Chief of Police at the airport five years ago, after having served for 31 years on the Norfolk Police Department, rising to the position of Assistant Chief. The Norfolk Airport Authority owns the airport, which sits on 750 acres of land. The Authority consists of a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Norfolk City Council for a two year term. The airport code for Norfolk – ORF– has become a part of the mission statement and stands for Outstanding service, Respect, Fairness.

The Norfolk Airport Police force consists of 37 sworn officers and 7 non-sworn employees who provide protection at the airport 24 hours a day 365 days per year. Police dogs trained to discover explosives are utilized and are a very valuable detection asset. The primary goal of the Norfolk Airport Police is to assure safety and security for the traveling public and the airline personnel, and to deter terrorist activities.

Traveling tips: Visit http://www.tsa.gov/traveler-information to view the TSA Traveler's Guide to help ensure passengers have the answers they need to common security screening questions, and arrive early!




December 2014


  Guest speaker for the December Christmas Social was Clara Huff. Our youngest guest speaker ever, fourteen year old Clara Huff knows what it is like to be bullied and the reasons behind it. She decided to speak up and share her story.

In the recently published book “A Letter to My Bully” Clara - along with other courageous girls (ages 8 to 15)- writes an open letter to her bully which details how she felt being bullied as well as what she is now doing to take a stand.

Clara shared her own experiences with our members and gave suggestions on how to obtain help. She advised victims go to their Guidance Counselors, teachers and the school's Resource Officer for assistance. Miss Huff is an athlete, honor student and visual artist. In addition, Miss Huff was the recipient of the 2014 Crime Prevention Youth Award.